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Ucon Deep Search Ad


A while ago posted stills on Ucon working on a video comercial and now it finally arrived. An amazing job by Clip founder Lukas v.Monkiewitsch.

ONE Video Trailer…

ONE Video Trailer

My boys at ONE Magazine have unleashed one of the best Trailers (certainly the most technically advanced) ever for their latest project. The ONE Video. If you’re lucky enough to be attending Winterclash this weekend, stay tuned for more info on their site about a special premiere out there.

This is going to be BIG. Only a few more weeks to wait until it’s available.

Check out the trailer HERE in HD/iPod


Don’t Vote

Janelle Monáe – Many Moons

Awesome video, awesome song.

sign me UP….

the UP (new Pixar jam for next year) teaser trailer is good to go. it’s looking like one of those old software/hardware showcases from the early siggraph days, but who cares, i’m into it. you can see a better flash embedded version at the official UP website.

Unbreakable Unbrella

YouTube Preview Image

according to Wired: The entourage of the Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, has an unusual secret weapon. Her security team defends the head of the government with umbrellas. Not ordinary umbrellas, but unbreakable fighting umbrellas.

probably the best way to cut watermelons.


wow, was it just me or did the internet kinda-sorta almost pause for a minute there while we sat through those dveloper demos? nice one steve. full coverage on engadget i dunno… i wish it was a completely new build, oh and it’s $299 for the white 16 gig, if you didnt see it.

Not people, but still.

YouTube Preview ImageMonkey feeding itself with a robotic arm controlled via electrodes in the monkeys brain.

Dean Kamen is the MAN!

From the all things digital conference.

I Need to Cop Me a Pair



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iphone shuffle

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Total Lunar Eclipse

koehn_est_strip.jpgTOMORROW!!! More info here 

QuickOrder – dang


if this ever sees the light of day then I’ll buy myself out of my bell contract and get a hacked iphone in a heartbeat.

QuickOrder by Phil Lu 

Snoop On Some Next Shit

More Burton: The Sleeper Hoodie


This has been semi-buzz since the beginning of the year when Burton showed this hoodie for the Fall line. As I leave the Wicker Park area, I did my last “rounds” around the hood, stopping at the shops I will not be visiting as frequently as before. To my surprise the hoodie was available.

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YO GABBA GABBA continues to impress

YouTube Preview Image

I’m so glad that this got picked up for this season on nick. Heres to hoping it crosses the border to canada.

virtual furniture + rapid prototyping

YouTube Preview Image
caught this in my RSS reader this morning. DANG!

“Motion capture technology has brought to life indelible characters such as Gollum and Davy Jones in the movies, but for the first time, a Swedish design firm is bringing the technology to people’s bedrooms to create truly personalized furniture. The 3-person FRONT Design team “draws” directly into the air using the tip of a pen, creating invisible line sequences that are captured by surrounding cameras connected to computers. Then, the sketches are translated into 3D digital files, which are subsequently materialized through an innovative Rapid Prototyping technique.”

Read More :Voila! Create Your Own Furniture Out of Thin Air

commence awesomeness!


saw this surface today. i will reserve comments on the similarities to life aquatic until i see the full movie or atleast the trailer, because i love you wes. and i know you won’t do me wrong!

trailer is rumored to drop this weekend with Once and Sunshine. so if you’re that kind of nerd (and you really SHOULD be) then go see either of them so you dont have to wait til monday to see the trailer online.

attention: all of my friends…


it is with MUCH pride and relief, that i cordially invite you all to the (re)opening of UBIQ. all of my friends are the support that has gotten chris and i to this point. rollerbladers, skateboarders, designers, buyers, publishers and who could forget the hypebeasts? all of you are invited to come see the new space a little early tommorrow night (may 11, 7pm). the official opening is saturday at 10am. stop in early so i can make sure you get the good stuff!

chris and i will be there most of the day. come up and say hello. we’d love to meet you.

also… super ultra mega online store coming soon!