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It’s finally here

MK12’s History of America


wondering what you’ll be doing in the evenings this coming winter in early 08? if you’re like me.. you’ll probably be enjoying the fight of your life with this disturbing, quasi animal group of bad guys. kojima-san has given us a glimpse into the metal gear bosses… read on for more on his press conference today and the new trailer…

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commence awesomeness!


saw this surface today. i will reserve comments on the similarities to life aquatic until i see the full movie or atleast the trailer, because i love you wes. and i know you won’t do me wrong!

trailer is rumored to drop this weekend with Once and Sunshine. so if you’re that kind of nerd (and you really SHOULD be) then go see either of them so you dont have to wait til monday to see the trailer online.

Geoff McFetridge: Bend the Void

One of my favorite artists gives a sample of his show, which looks amazing. If you’re in the Holland area, I would recommend checking this out.

via Design Guide

digital domain – updates


When I worked at helios, I used to sit next to a fellow named andrew. Funny that there were two of us. One day andrew came in and told me he was quitting that day. I asked where he was going and he excitedly told me that he got a job at Digital Domain. Andrew taught me After Effects in about 2 weeks total. We were neck deep in a project where both him and I were designing an environment for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. I would sketch up the elements in different perspectives and he would model them to suit then would provide me UV mappings for the textures I would make in photoshop. During this time he was the lead 3d at helios and I was a designer / flash guy I needed to jump on the good ship that was After Effects to make this thing happen in any decent amount of time. so 2 weeks and hundreds of noobie questions later I was well on my way. Is this story relevant to this post? I guess so.

New While I’m not a fan of the glossy styling of the new logo and the thumbnails that resemble iPhones. I must say that this site is quite deep. Loads of work content as well as behind the scenes for you to enjoy. So if your into VFX or movies in general get a glimpse into the new digital domain.

Sigg Jones, true heavyweight

Awesome final student project from the Supinfocom School in France.
I liken it to Eric So/Michael Lau meets Kung Fu Hustle…or something like that.

A little more info at

Custom Virb Community is a community based on users with customized profiles. It’s amazing to see what is possible with this interface.

James Jean Interview


Little Chimp Society has released their interview with renown illustrator James Jean, which is short, but sweet.

Bringing Back Analog

Lest we forget how to write, this is something that has come to be more appealing to me at this time. No waiting for things to turn on, just get the job done right away. The Hipster PDA. Download it for free.

Black Day To Freedom


The Ronin, aka Rob Chiun, is one of my favorite artist and and Black Day To Freedom is finally for your viewing pleasure online courtesy of BBC.

*Photo taken from The Ronin Blog.

Jordan Head…Literally


Upper Playground‘s finest Sam Flores just posted this piece up on his blog. Good tribute. Doubt a toy would come out with this, but how cool would that be.


I saw this a while ago via Newtoday and recently I’ve really been into typography. Manuel Kiem is a designer in Italy who just designed a cube with different shapes all to create letters. Not only is this idea genius, but the font shape is amazing. Check out his process in his blog here and stay tuned for the typecube font.

Proud parents…


No, Mike and I (along with everyone else involved in this project) didn’t just give birth to a baby – although at the moment, it almost feels like we did. At 06:50 on Monday, a crack team of contractors swooped the premises at 1509 Walnut Street and began work on the first stages of this enormous renovation. It’s only a matter of weeks until Philadelphia changes for the better.

Damn the man… save the empire

nyc problem

From the Anti-Advertising Agency

Advertising is the vandalism of the Fortune 500. And despite that, we still don’t like it.

Between October 2006 and December 2006, the City of New York has removed or obscured 59 illegal banners on sidewalk sheds. In that same period, Citibank was forced to remove all illegal sidewalk projections at branches around Manhattan. And now, years into NYC’s crackdown on graffiti writers and protesters, after we’ve watched our friends be detained, arrested, beat, fined, tried, and given real jail sentences, not a single corporate toy from any ad firm has had to do any time.

This could mean only one thing. They’ve called off the law. Open City. Let’s all get to work.

This is the first collaboration between the Anti-Advertising Agency and Graffiti Research Lab. Modified from Ji Lee’s Abstractor TV. We used black foam core ($10/sheet) cut with a laser cutter – however, this project can be done with an x-acto blade, black construction paper, and duct tape for next to nothing. It can be repeated using any backlit display – bus shelters, display ads, television store windows… dream big, act now.

Payment Insurance

The Visualize bat, by Orange32, to subtly let it be known to your clients that you mean business.

Make Money (Maybe)

The Web Designer’s Success Guide is one designer’s account on how he made $100,000 in one year for top tier companies by starting his own freelance web design business. Best of all, the book is free to download in its entirety as a PDF document.

the mill + modernista! + U2


Hot damn, this is a fine piece of video. Sure to make the viral rounds of the internet as a great feat of editing and human patience. I cant fathom the hours of darklit rooms of people hunched over keyboards mouse in hand to get this thing done. Sometimes it takes a bit of mind stretching to really get the effect but its a great showing of the use of archival and current footage.

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Inquiring Mind

Inquiring Mind re-launched their magazine-style website recently, It concentrates on the in’s and out’s of what is going down in “street culture” from a Canadian perspective. Peep it.

Revision 3

Since i’m on a computer for a good eight hours a day, it may be surprising to some of you that i’ve only been following the website recently, and it seems that I’m starting to get hooked. I’ve known about this site for a while, but never really paid it much thought until I read about how digg made its founder Kevin Rose worth about 60 million dollars. So that made it a bit more interesting.

Revision 3 is a by-product of all this, a media network geared towards producing content targeted to the same crowd that diggs digg. With podcasts and vidcasts to download, i’m sure the site has something for everyone. Tim from Revival recommended diggnation to me and I do agree it is definitely worth a look. Go download today!

Get Your Gestalten On.

Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv) is an independent, creatively led design and media company based in Berlin. They also have a huge inventory of design books published under their label. This site gets 5 Macho Man Randy Savage “Ooooh Yeahsss!” out of 5. Check them out here.