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Ucon Deep Search Ad


A while ago posted stills on Ucon working on a video comercial and now it finally arrived. An amazing job by Clip founder Lukas v.Monkiewitsch.

Coraline Website


I’ve been interested in this movie since I saw the trailer, but I visited the website to find out info on the anticipated Coraline Dunks. Fortunately, the site had more to offer. An awesome interactive site with lot of features including behind the scene video clips, desktop screensaver of beautiful patterning, photo manipulation to put buttons over your eyes, posters and bookmarkers for you to print out. The art direction they took with this movie was impressive. There’s a link to a blog, which has been talking about the Coraline Dunks for all the collectors out there, but explore the site.

And if you don’t know, now you know…

Can’t wait…

Afro Samurai Resurrection, 2009

YouTube Preview Image

sign me UP….

the UP (new Pixar jam for next year) teaser trailer is good to go. it’s looking like one of those old software/hardware showcases from the early siggraph days, but who cares, i’m into it. you can see a better flash embedded version at the official UP website.



To promote the upcoming HBO movie “Recount” based on the 2000 elections, this pseudo booth was placed in Union Square to test the voting booths.  My sister and I tried it out. I personally didn’t think it was confusing, but my sister thought it might of been a bit difficult. Unfortunately we can’t change the past, but regardless it was a good way to get people to watch the movie and get mad. Oh well. The movie will air Sunday, May 25 on HBO. More photos after the jump.

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hello friends, here are some short films i just released.

some behind the scenes junk at victorsolomondotcom

Deathbowl to Downtown



Checked out Anton Corbijn’s Ian Curtis biography, ‘Control’ last night. Whether you are a die hard Joy Division fan, or just a casual listener, it’s an amazing picture. Beautifully shot, perfectly acted and successfully void of the traps many musician bio-pic’s tend to make.

Check this one out asap. Trailer here.

Wes Anderson x AT&T

Here’s a set of amazing spots Wes Anderson recently directed for AT&T




I was talking to a very accomplished producer today about these spots, and he told me that when the agency that commissioned them contacted Wes, he said, “well, I don’t really want to do commercials any more, but i’ll do them for 100k/day”. Making him one of the highest paid directors probably ever. (when ridley scott does commericals he typically gets 40-50k/day, which is double the ‘typical’ rate for ‘middle of the road’ commercial directors, at 15-25k/day). Good to know ridiculous style is worth something…

cue the sabbath….


i randomly flipped past MTV last night while i was putting the Hills on, and saw the Ironman trailer. the apple site has it up now. the black sabbath seems a little over the top.. but so does the idea of a crazy rich dude flying around in a suit.
ironman trailer.

Giving Back to the Children: Billy Kostka


The internet world is constantly evolving and Billy Kostka is taking advantage of the whole situation. Rollerblading took it’s toll by creating blogs and our very own radio show, but not in the way Billy is doing it. He is a busy man and a name that was behind the scenes of rollerblading, Billy put out a promising trailer about a month ago and announced the premiere showing of the movie, but for the lonely souls that couldn’t make it to the viewing he mentioned that it will be available for download; a move that hasn’t been done since James Reetzke’s “Before The Storm” (well he also pull off that one post-Daily Bread movie that was available for free). I caught up with Billy to see what the haps behind “Not a Lifeboat”.
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Helvetica DVD for Pre-Order


We’ve talked about the movie. A couple of us got to view it and now its about to be available in DVD for every teacher and nerd to enjoy and for the supergeek, there’s the limited edition packaging.

Pre-order it here.

in case you didn’t already know

this is what funny looks like.


why so serious!???


so… let’s talk dark knight for a hot minute here. were you up on the harvey dent campaign site?

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commence awesomeness!


saw this surface today. i will reserve comments on the similarities to life aquatic until i see the full movie or atleast the trailer, because i love you wes. and i know you won’t do me wrong!

trailer is rumored to drop this weekend with Once and Sunshine. so if you’re that kind of nerd (and you really SHOULD be) then go see either of them so you dont have to wait til monday to see the trailer online.

who needs the Kwik-E-Mart??


awesome. i can’t remember the last time i stepped into a 7-11, but this is as good a reason as any to get back in there i suppose. if you live in/near one of these places.. you will soon be graced with a huge costly promotion for the Simpsons Movie at your local 7-11.

Burbank, CA
Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Lake Buena Vista, FL/Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV/Henderson, NV
Los Angeles, CA

New York City, NY
San Francisco, CA/Mountain View, CA
Seattle, WA
Vancouver, BC/Coquitlam, BC
Washington, DC/Bladensburg, MD

digital domain – updates


When I worked at helios, I used to sit next to a fellow named andrew. Funny that there were two of us. One day andrew came in and told me he was quitting that day. I asked where he was going and he excitedly told me that he got a job at Digital Domain. Andrew taught me After Effects in about 2 weeks total. We were neck deep in a project where both him and I were designing an environment for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. I would sketch up the elements in different perspectives and he would model them to suit then would provide me UV mappings for the textures I would make in photoshop. During this time he was the lead 3d at helios and I was a designer / flash guy I needed to jump on the good ship that was After Effects to make this thing happen in any decent amount of time. so 2 weeks and hundreds of noobie questions later I was well on my way. Is this story relevant to this post? I guess so.

New While I’m not a fan of the glossy styling of the new logo and the thumbnails that resemble iPhones. I must say that this site is quite deep. Loads of work content as well as behind the scenes for you to enjoy. So if your into VFX or movies in general get a glimpse into the new digital domain.


sony HD

New spot directed by Plexi for Sony HD.

I don’t think that that’s a good idea Michael…

The eccentric, iconoclast film director, Lars Von Trier, (incidentally a founding members of the Dogme 95 Collective) has literally flipped the script, and on his latest film, turned over the reigns of ‘director’ to a computer…