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it’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you. I guess on behalf of the rest of the E™ crew, we’ve moved on to our own adventures, primarily into an easier tumblr format where we post pictures to tell  the world what we are doing, or what we thing is interesting on the inter-nots.

Anyway, I made this for fun and will be in the following sites.


Go Pacman


Based on my logo, I made a bunch of pacman buttons for my portfolio showing at the ADC and now it’s time to bring them back out for tonight’s fight with Miguel Cotto. After my mom bitched about how she spent $50 dollars on the last fight for 2 rounds, I’m heading out to a bar to view the fight, passing out pacman buttons to supporters.


fantastic mr fox

Wes Anderson is gearing up to make your holiday movie going season great! I’m Pumped. Click the pic for the trailer. голова болит секс

Mad Men Yourself


I can’t wait for the new season of Mad Men to start. All the promos on the street along with working next to a Banana Republic which their clothes are linked to the show. It makes me want to buy another suit and wear it to work. Anyway, you can create your own Mad Men cartoon character. I dressed mines up similar to the same suit I wore in the Rios wedding, but I don’t think there would be any Filipinos in a high position in an advertising agency chillin’ with Don Draper. Oh well, it’s nice to imagine sometimes.

Oh and Shuda, if you’re reading this I checked out the girls section of this and you can make Jamie in a behive like you wanted. It’s fun to dream.

Photos from the Jillian Doran & Michael Rios Wedding


It all started with a long ride from NY to Philly. Matt and I met up with my sister in front of the Tick Tock Diner, the meeting spot for the Bolt Bus. Unfortunately for Matt, he had to sit next to the smelliest dude. To make matters worse, we were running a little late and were afraid we wouldn’t make it in on time. As soon as the bus dropped us off, we went straight to the nastiest bathroom in the train station to change. Not having anything to eat all day, Matt copped an Antie Ann’s Pretzel eating it on the cab to Water Works.

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Nickelodeon Rebrand


Nickelodeon has always been a part of my life with shows growing up like You Can’t Do That On Television, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Doug, Rugrats, Ren & Stimpy, and Salute Your Shorts, to my teenage years with Blues Clues and Sponge Bob, and now Yo Gabba Gabba. We’re all familiar with the splat silhouette with the marker-like font of the logo complimented with it’s vibrant orange. We’re rebranding included an updated logo change to harmonize with the other sister brands of Nick at Night, Nicktoons, Noggin, and The N. You can check the full article on idsgn, which also features stills of Lifelong Friendship Society’s Teen Nick rebranding, which I believe our beloved Mandrews™ was a part of.

via idsgn

The Marriage: Jillian Doran & Michael Rios

Today embarks a staple into the Exclusives™ timeline in that our very own Mike Rios will be having his marriage ceremony this afternoon. Mandrews and I will be fancied out in suits to help celebrate his union with his longtime girlfriend Jillian Doran. The two are inseparable and the illest combo since Charles and Ray Eames. Stay tune for the photos. You might get a glimpse of Matt “Hot steppa” Andrews or Fillmore “Footloose” Belafonté killing the dance floor…or eating some mean ass steak. On behalf of the rest of the E™ crew, I’d like to say congratulations to the both of you, Mike and Jill.

Update: Illustration credit goes to Jamey Christoph

Ucon Deep Search Ad


A while ago posted stills on Ucon working on a video comercial and now it finally arrived. An amazing job by Clip founder Lukas v.Monkiewitsch.

Beatles Rock Band Intro

Passion Pictures, the same people responsible for the Gorillaz animation, have blown my mind with the intro to The Beatles Rock Band edition.

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Ucon 2009 Summer Line


In NY, it’s definintely feeling like summer already, which scares me because I’ve heard the horror stories of how wack the weather can be here. Regardless, the new Ucon gear has been released and they are pretty fresh. The vibrant colors and animated illustrations compliment the season. For those breezy California nights near the beach, they’ve got you covered with a thin windbreaker and for those who still rock them sweatpants, or what I now like to call Cookie Pants. The ladies are not to be forgotten with the Elle line. Download the catalog at the Ucon site now.






Valo TV.2 Commercial…

My homey Dustin has been working full tilt on some video projects lately with his main 9-5 and his side gig His newest work is this fresh spot for the Valo TV.2 skates. I saw that they’re putting out some white ones of these… JJ! i STILL need my pair! nudge nudge, wink wink!

Caged Rage 3:Binary Budokan

YouTube Preview Image By way of Lifelong Friendship Society

Art & Copy Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

This movie takes you to the brains behind the most creative advertisements to embark on our life time and how it has effected your lives, whether you know it or not. I was released in Sundance this year and I’m hoping this movie is shown in theaters very soon.

NASA – "Gifted"


A spectacular job by Three Legged Legs. Read the story behind the project here .



My sister used to work in the Time Warner Center and she mentioned to me about the Modern Art and Design museum soon to open. I was ecstatic hear it finally opened in September. Pentagram was the company to do it’s awesome graphic identity. I can’t wait to set foot in this place when I head back to NY and if you can’t make it there, check out the exterior and interior photos of the museum here.

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Since Everyone Else Posted It

YouTube Preview Image

I might as well also.

maybe the new shuffle IS for you

YouTube Preview Image

Wacom Intuos4 Revealed


I can’t work without a Wacom tablet. I bring it with my for any inhouse freelance work and the mouse is very bothersome to me. The photos of the box were revealed and now pictures of the tablet itself. No word on it yet, but Engadget states:

An anonymous tipster managed to snap a photo of a Future Shop inventory screen that shows four Intuos4 models and pricing: 4 x 6 inch small for $299, 6 x 9 inch medium for $479, 8 x 13 inch large for $999, and 12 x 19 extra large for $649. No clue why the extra large one is over $300 cheaper. They’re all apparently in stock at the distribution center, but there’s no word on when they’ll actually ship to stores.

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Quick BTS for Ucon Commercial


Exciting news from Jochen who sent me these promo shots of a commercial they are doing to promote their booth in the next Bread and Butter tradeshow in July. More photos after the jump. Stay tune for more from the amazing clothing company.

updated: I forgot Jochen also sent me some of the portraits of the line, so after the jump are some photos that were NOT used in the catalog.

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Death Cab For Cutie – "Grapevine Fires"

DCFC released this new video directed by Walter Robot

, the team of multimedia artist Bill Barminski and writer Christopher Louie. The combination of the stirring animation, Gibbards melodic voice, and the alluring story can cause this video to be a tear-jerker. Awesome, nontheless.

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